We have great experience of working with internationally mobile clients so we know exactly what expatriate investors are looking for.

Our products are designed specifically to meet the associated needs of expatriates, they give you the following benefits:

At certain times there may be more pressing needs for your income. We understand this and with our policies you may, at any time, reduce your payments or even completely stop premium payments for up to three years. The savings that you have already made will remain working for your future, until such time that you can start saving regularly again. Additionally, you can choose the amount you wish to save, the length of time you wish to save and also the frequency; monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual payments are accepted.

Regardless of where you live, your savings plan will stay offshore. Expatriates tend to move jobs and even countries more frequently than other investors. This can cause problems for their pension provision and other investments. With the policy remaining in its offshore location throughout its’ life there is no need to establish a new savings plan every time you move; making it the perfect product for expatriates.

Additional insurance based benefits can be included in the policy. The consequences for you and your family of death, accident or serious illness can have a profound effect on your immediate and future circumstances. These additional benefits can help you to maintain your original savings goals and help your dependents financially.

Access to Savings
There may be times when you need to access your savings to meet unforeseen circumstances. Many of our products are structured to allow you to make partial surrenders or regular withdrawals.

Access to Global Markets
With a wide range of funds from some of the world’s top fund managers, you have the chance to invest through regular savings without incurring the large broker and transaction costs associated with direct access.



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