Hong Kong is a well established and renowned financial centre. Its’ location and time zone has made it the perfect place for companies to operate an office between Europe and Japan. This is the reason why so many major financial services companies are represented here. This large international representation means that Hong Kong has grown quickly in terms of legislation and regulation.

Financial Advice from Hong Kong's Top Brokerage

Hong Kong is now one of the safest and most highly regulated places to gain investment advice and financial planning services. This makes it a perfect environment for the purchase of offshore savings plans or investment plans for any of your needs: education fees planning, retirement planning, pension plans or simply saving for a ‘rainy day’. Click here for more product information or here to arrange a free confidential financial consultation.

We are registered with the Professional Insurance Brokers Association Limited (PIBA)

PIBA is an approved Insurance Broker Body by the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong under section 70 of the Insurance Companies Ordinance. In order to be an authorised Insurance Broker in Hong Kong a company must be a member of PIBA (or the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers). As it states on the organizations logo PIBA was established with the ambition "To Serve and Protect".

There are many regulations that protect the international community when making offshore investments. Many of our products are based in the Isle of Man or Guernsey. Unlike many other policyholder protection schemes, the Channel Island's system operates globally, covering investors no matter where they reside. Importantly, in the event of a default, the scheme offers compensation to policyholders of up to 90% of amounts due to them, funded by a levy on all life insurance companies operating in the Channel Islands.

For further information on the Isle of Man’s regulations please take time to visit the website of the Insurance and Pensions Authority (IPA), or for information on tax efficient investing in the Channel Islands please click here.

To visit the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance in Hong Kong please click here



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