There are many countries in which international expats can make offshore investments. The majority of our unit linked savings products are domiciled in the Isle of Man due to many reasons:

Investor Protection

In 1998 the Isle of Man received “Designated Territory” status under the UK Financial Services Act 1986. This recognizes that the Isle of Man has investor protection levels of similar strength to the UK.

It was initially awarded for only insurance activities but now covers activities including offshore Banking and Unit Trusts.

Welcoming and Supportive Government - The Isle of Man Government has created a fiscal environment and a legislative framework to encourage the development of the Island's offshore savings and investments sector.

Stable Operating Environment – With its own Parliament, the Isle of Man makes its own laws and oversees all internal administration, fiscal and social policies. It has an S&P "AAA" Country Risk Rating making it the perfect safe location for your offshore investments. Click here for additional information on the Island's economy.

High Regulatory Standards - The flexible and non bureaucratic approach has ensured the Isle of Man savings plan market has earned a reputation for world class regulatory standards.

Attractive Tax Environment - The Isle of Man operates a policy of low taxation both for individuals and companies. The Government has recently unveiled a radical new tax strategy which will reduce the tax burden for both companies and individuals even further. For more information on tax efficient investing click here.

Established Infrastructure - The Isle of Man is a mature financial centre offering a wide variety of professional services to expat investors looking for savings plans and investment plans that match their financial needs.

Space for Growth and Development – Many offshore investment centres around the world have become expensive and overcrowded. The Isle of Man retains its capacity for sustained growth because there are no restrictions on new residents or property acquisition.


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