• We provide expatriates with professionally qualified independent financial advice on offshore investments

  • We always maintain complete client confidentiality

  • Our service helps expats make informed decisions on offshore savings plans and take action to meet their financial needs.

  • We can also provide you with financial advice on the acquisition and financing of investment property for expatriates.

  • Important facts about the way we work:
  • You are under no obligation to do business with us and will not be placed under any pressure to do so - this is not how we see 'growing our business and reputation'!
  • There is no charge to you for our services - all our fees are met by the institutions through which we place business. This, however, has absolutely no effect on the advice and recommendations we give.
  • If you are looking for a specific offshore investment solution, or just want additional information please telephone one of our experts for independent financial advice on +852 3113 2112 or complete the enquiry form.



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