Education is essential for your child’s future success.
Our team of expert independent financial advisors can help you to give your child the headstart they deserve.
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The average cost of a UK degree is more than ₤19,000 inclusive of tuition fees and living expenses.

The cost of sending a child to private primary and secondary school followed by university is now a staggering ₤300,000.

Education costs are growing way beyond the rate of inflation, at around 7.5% per annum.

Some of the elite private colleges in the USA estimate that it costs them over US$60,000 a year to educate a single child.


An NUS study has found that parents with a child 10 years away from university could save between 30% and 50% of the likely cost by planning ahead.

We can give you a thorough needs analysis and provide you with confidential financial advice that could help you put in place an education fees plan.

A suitable school fees plan can solve the problem of how to cover the cost of rising fees. Only equities and property have the potential to out-pace the rising costs of education over the longer term. A unit linked investment plan can give you this exposure to global equity markets allowing your savings plan to accumulate and grow at the rates you would expect.




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