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Over 81 % of Britons contributing to a pension expect a pension shortfall when they retire.

1 in 7 people entering retirement now, do so with debt still outstanding.

Despite widespread expectations of a pension shortfall, over a quarter of Britons have never reviewed their pension planning arrangements. This figure rises to a third amongst women.

With the majority of people realising that they will be short during their retirement, it is of vital importance that people put additional retirement planning in place.

Financial planning today is the sensible approach to ensuring that you spend your retirement as you wish.

Regular payments into a unit linked personal offshore pension plan can see your retirement fund grow at much higher rates than you would receive from a government scheme like the Mandatory Provident Fund in Hong Kong.

We can provide you with offshore savings and investments that are flexible, portable, tax efficient and most importantly give your savings the chance of significant growth so that your retirement can be spent worry-free.

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