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Savings Plan for expatriate investors
Our offshore savings plans are perfect vehicles for expatriate investors. The nature of an expatriate lifestyle means that you will tend to move countries quite often and usually have fairly short term contracts of employment. This fact means that in order to invest, be it for a retirement plan, school fees or just for a rainy day, the savings vehicle must be extremely flexible.

Our Hong Kong Independent Financial Advisors team has a range of savings schemes that are very flexible and also portable. We can give you expert personal financial advice, so if you leave your job or smove country then you will have selected the perfect product for your needs.

  • Premiums may be stopped, delayed or increased depending on your financial situation at the time.
  • This allows you to change jobs, take a sabbatical of up to three years or just temporarily stop your premium payments if your funds are needed more urgently elsewhere.
  • Portable
  • Products are domiciled in one country no matter where you move to. So our offshore savings vehicles will always provide you with a regular place for you to store your money tax efficiently.

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