Offshore locations can provide tax-efficient growth for your savings and investments.
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Offshore Advantage
Investors can take advantage of tax efficient investments that are domiciled in offshore locations such as the Isle of Man, Guernsey, Bermuda, Belize, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar and the British Virgin Islands.

The vast majority of the savings and investment plans that we offer are domiciled in the Isle of Man. Currently no corporation tax, capital gains tax or income tax is paid, in respect of its’ policy holders funds; affording you the benefit of virtually tax free investments.

Some dividends may be received net of a small amount of withholding tax, deducted at source in the country of origin. But once inside your plan they can accumulate free of tax.

Low Taxation Policies
The Isle of Man government operates a policy of low taxation for individuals and companies. Additionally, the government has recently unveiled a radical new tax strategy which will reduce the tax burden for both companies and individuals even further.

One point to note is that you may have to pay personal tax on the proceeds of your investment. This tax liability will depend entirely on your country of residence and domicile.

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There are also risks when seeking financial advice abroad. Many countries do not have systems in place to regulate independent financial advisors. However, Hong Kong has a mature regulatory framework to safeguard individuals when making offshore investments. Click here for more information on regulations.





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